Worship Leader Training

Worship Leader Training

Worship Leader Training goes way beyond hitting the keys on a keyboard or strumming a guitar in the right sequence. After decades of working with my father in tent revivals, bible studies, church services and meetings, I may finally now start to understand what Worshiping the Lord is all about.

Worship Leader TrainingAs I've mentioned on the site, I've been a musician and vocalist for years and years. Held in great esteem even at one time long ago. All that worked as a great disadvantage to me. It all, very easily tends to pride and self importance. Jesus said that the rocks would cry out if the people held their peace during his entry into Jerusalem. So if the rocks could do it, are we really that special?

I know it's not a direct comparison, but the point is very simple. We are not the "secret sauce" in this vehicle of Praise and Worship the Lord has ordained for His people to come into his presence and behold his majesty. Jesus and the Hold Spirit are what's important. Our job, our goal in the process is to get ourselves out of the way and to take the talents the Lord has given us to help other enter into the presence of the Lord. There can be no ego here. If you want to truly be part of what the Lord has for His people with Praise and Worship, I'm here to help you reach that goal.

One of the key's to leading worship is learning how to "listen" in the Spirit and follow the leading of the Holy Ghost.  As we all have 5 senses in the natural, we also have 5 senses in the spirit.  Learning how to "hear" and "see" in the spirit is very a very important part of the picture.  This is not something that happens in an instant (generally speaking), it takes time and practice. And, a lot of patience and willingness to be wrong most of the time as you learn to hear the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus stated many times that He only spoke what the Father gave Him to speak.  If we can learn to walk in that same diligence in our lives, we'll be in the right place to serve Him in how we lead others in Praise and Worship.