“Abiding in the Vine” Cover – Played on Guitar and Bass

Today we'll take a look at an oldie but a goodie.  Abiding in the Vine, also known by some as I found a new way of living.  I don't know who originally wrote this song, but it's one of my favorites.

We have a new piece of gear.  When I moved to Vermont back in 1989, I was introduced to the wonderful world of 4 track recorders.  I spent hours and hours recording tracks, bouncing them down to create, what at the time, was some pretty neat sounds.  Today, you can get a 32 track portable studio that will drop your mixdown right to CD.  I would have never imagined such a thing back then.  Anyway, I'm showing my age.

It's been my goal to redo all our ministry songs in various formats and generas.  This is my first stab of putting out something simple with a couple of guitar tracks, a bass track, and 2 vocal tracks.  I'm still working out the bugs and learning about this new 32 Tascam system, but I really like it.  I hope you all do to.

Legal data: Source CCLI

Author: Unknown (if you know who we should provide attribution to on this song, please let us know through our contact us form)

Publication Date: N/A

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