MP3 Jesus Episode 3 – Cozart 12 String, is it worth it??

MP3 Jesus Episode 3 – Cozart 12 String, is it worth it?? You be the judge as we take a look!

Today we’ll take a look at the Cozart 12 String Stratocaster copy available on eBay.  (Get Cozart Guitars here: and here:  I saw this 12 string while I was looking at the Danelectro.  Not having “hands on” with this brand, I did not want to risk it, even though it’s priced really aggressively.  I’m happy to now have the chance to put hands on this rig and report that it is ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT.  Take a listen and let me know what you think!

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My name is Rick Eutsler and I’ve been into music since I was a child.  To be honest I wasted much of my early years and missed out on some great training that I could have had.  These days I’m a Minister with the Fishermen Ministry, Husband, Father, and want to get back to playing and learning how to play better.  Moreover, I want to help new players and those that want to learn how to lead worship for their local fellowships.  You can learn more about me, what I do, and why I do it at

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